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7 Things to Do in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

A short Rameswaram Travel Guide - Here is a list of things other travelers have loved doing in Rameswaram and we thought you would too. Enjoy!
Rameswaram, the Kashi or Banaras of Southern India, lies on the tip of the Indian Peninsula. Mythologically, this is the place from where Lord Ram built the Ram Setu bridge to rescue Sita from Raavan and the place where Lord Ram worshipped Lord Shiv to cleanse away the sin of killing Raavan (who a Brahmin)

Here are some things travelers to Rameswaram like doing. Enjoy!
  1. Half day to visit the famous Rameswaram Temple (Tips: Visit early in the morning if possible – day time gets pretty busy for various temple activities. Fix a priest in advance.)
  2. Take the holy Snan (bath) in the Rameswaram temple - 22 dips to be precise. Do it as per the numbering – starting with 1 and ending at 22. As one traveller puts it “It was magic! It was holy! It was something I had never experienced before nor could have imagined it”. (Tips: Take a change of clothes after the snan/dip. Change rooms are available in the temple)
  3. Visit two other famous temples - the Naag Temple and the Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir which has stones from the Ram Setu.
  4. Take a day trip to Dhanushkodi. Hire a Jeep/4W drive (from Rs 1000/day). Dhanuskodi is a tail part of Rameswaram island. This is the meeting point of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. Enjoy the beaches and the view from here.
  5. Pamban Bridge – This is a must visit place. The bridge is constructed over the sea and is “very beautiful & offers scenic views” as one traveler puts it.
  6. Spiritualism – Like another traveller notes “It’s an enjoyable trip if you mix tourism and spiritualism”. Do enjoy the spirit of the place. Forget momentarily of all the worries in life and enjoy the calmness inside.
  7. Shopping – Buy a souvenir – there are lots of things made out of conch shell that are readily available (Try Kalam Sea shell mart – close to former President Abdul Kalam’s house). Silk sarees will be another nice thing to consider buying on your next visit to Rameswaram.
Other things to do:
  1. You can have a glimpse of the famous floating stone which was a part of the Ram Setu bridge. You have to take a fisher man’s boat to reach the point.
Tips from other Rameswaram travelers:
  • Don’t miss: Early in the morning 5-6 Mani darshan (Golden Linga) and in the night around 8.15 siva will go to bed along with parvathi (Unjal seva).
  • Book hotels in advance – Online booking for hotels in Rameshwaram is available at
  • Beware of thugs. In Laxman setu, people try to sell floating rocks for Rs.501 by saying they require monetary funds to build a building.
  • Must bring the laddo of Ramnathswamy.
  • Restaurants - The above average restaurants are 1. Vinayaka, near railway station and 2. Royal Park, before the toll gate, Hotel Tamilnadu Restaurant, Arya bhavan. Food in Ganesh Mess (next to Maharaja Hotel) is excellent and also very economical.
How to reach Rameshwaram?
  • Fly to Madurai (Airport) and drive to Rameswaram (180 kilometers)
  • Overnight Train from Chennai (12 hours / 525 km) or Bangalore
  • By road from Bangalore (8-10 hour drive). Roads are good and average speed could be above 100 Km/hr.
  • Take a Bus from Kanyakumari (375 kms)
This article is a part of our 7 Things To Do series.
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